Can I access mail administration via MAT / OTM?

This is done by using the System Terminal access via a VT220 TTY terminal emulator. The overlays can be accessed as well as application modules i.e. Meridian Mail.

  1. Login to the application.
  2. Select the required system from the Navigator window.
  3. In the System Window, select Maintenance from the menu.
  4. Select System Terminal. A box appears. Select VT220.
  5. A new window will appear. Press Enter (Carriage Return), the system can now be directly accessed.
  6. You will see OVL 111 IDLE. Login to the system and enter ax or if you also have MIRAN then enter ax 8.
  7. Login to mail in the usual way and carry out your programming, when complete, log out of mail.
  8. To return to the system hold down CTRL and press ] (SL1 will appear on the screen).
  9. Logout of the system and close the access window.

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