Microsoft Office 365 Service Level Agreement

Note: This Service Level Agreement is available to Microsoft Office 365 customers only.

The Microsoft Office 365 Service Level Agreement ensures a high level of service availability from the Microsoft platform. If the overall service of the Microsoft platform falls below 99.9% availability within a calendar month, a refund can be claimed.

The Microsoft Office 365 Service Level Agreement is available documented in the Terms and Conditions.

Excluded from the Microsoft Office 365 Service Level Agreement are:

  • Individual issues that relate to specific email accounts (although these will be impacted when there are platform failures) – these claims will not be valid if the overall platform performance reaches its availability target.
  • Mailbox activation delays.
  • Mailbox licence changes such as regrades.
  • Email performance issues that cannot be replicated on both supported browsers and using supported email software.
  • Broadband Access issues (excluding any Network Option Service Level Guarantees).
  • Regular maintenance and planned outages - 48 hours notice will normally be provided on the BT Broadband Office Service Status page.
  • Emergency action to resolve critical issues – 1 hour notice provided.
  • Excludes third party intervention (virus attack), act of god, floods etc. Please see Office 365 Terms and Conditions.

How to claim

If you have email access problems during the month, you need to complete a claim form to request a credit refund:

Click here for the Credit Refund Form - This may take up to a minute to open.

The claim form for the credit refund must be completed within 10 working days from the end of the month that is being claimed. The claim will be acknowledged within 48 hours. BT and Microsoft will review each request and if the claim is valid, the credit will be raised in the next quarterly bill.


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