How do I set the date and time on my BT Quantum System?

You can set the time and date from the web interface or from the programming extension.

Setting the System Time and Date from the Web Interface:

  1. Go to the web interface top-level menu
  2. Select System / Time and Date
    The current settings for system time and date are displayed at the top of the page
  3. Enter the time in the Time textbox. Use the 24-hour format: HHMM (e.g. 2pm as 1400)
  4. Press Submit
  5. Enter the date in the Date textbox. Use the format DDMMYY, (e.g. 10 December 2011 as 101211)
  6. Press Submit

    Note: You must enter both the time and date. If you enter one without the other an error message is presented and the change is not accepted.

Setting the System Time and Date from the Programming Extension:

  1. Enter System Programming
  2. Select Time and date
  3. Enter the correct time in 24-hour format: HHMM (e.g. 2pm as 1400)
    The Display will prompt for a date.
  4. If you only wish to set the time select Confirm and the display will revert to the idle screen
  5. To change the date, enter the date in DDMMYY format (e.g. 10 December 2010 as 101210)
  6. Select Confirm

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