How do I add or remove extensions from ringing on incoming calls?

You can add or remove extensions from ringing on an incoming call by following the steps below:

To add or remove an extension from the group from the web interface:

  1. Open and log into the web interface.
  2. Select Extensions/Extension Groups to display the extension groups page.
  3. You can program 20 groups. They are listed on two separate pages of the page. Select 1-10 or 11-20.
  4. To add or remove extension from the group select Members to open the members page.
  5. The group members page contains drop downs for each of the extensions in the system. The list is ordered by the position in the group.
  6. Select the extension to be added from the next spare drop down box, or change the extension number to none in the drop down box to remove it from the group.
  7. Select Submit.

To add or remove an extension from the group from the programming extension:

  1. From the Programming Extension (201 by default), press the Program key.
  2. Select System Program.
  3. Enter the System Programming Password (1111 by default).
  4. Select Group Program. The 20 groups are listed.
  5. Select the Group you wish to programme. Two options are shown, Ring Group and Hunt Group, a solid square indicates the type of Group currently set.
  6. Extensions that are part of the group will be indicated with a solid square, to add an extension press the button next to extension number/name to become a solid square, to remove from the group, change the solid square to a clear square by pressing the extension button.
  7. Press the hands-free key to finish programming.

Further information can be found in the BT Quantum Administrators Guide.


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