What is Single Level Auto Attendant on the BT Quantum?

Auto Attendant allows external callers to use a single digit to route calls to different extensions or extension groups. A customised recorded greeting can be used to list the digits required to reach the different extensions or groups.

If a single digit is dialled:

  • Auto Attendant answers the call with the recorded message.
  • The caller dials the required digit to reach the specific extension or group. After 2 seconds, the call is routed to the destination associated with the digit dialled. The following table lists the digits and their associated ring groups.
  •  Digit dialled Group to which call is routed
     1 Group 20 
     2 Group 19
     3 Group 18
     4 Group 17
     5 Group 16
     6 Group 15
     7 Group 14
     8 Group 13
     9 Group 12
     0 Group 11

Full details can be found in the BT Quantum Administrators Guide.

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