How do I set up a new ringing pick up group?

You do not need to create a ringing pick up group, as soon as an extension is given an RNPG number that group automatically exists on the Meridian. New members can be added by giving them the same RNPG number.

To see which RNPG number has not yet been used, follow the steps below to print out a list of all existing RNPG's and their member TN's:

LD 81

 REQ  1st
 CUST  0
 DATE (C/R) 
 PAGE (C/R) 
 DES (C/R) 
 FEAT (rnp) 
 RNPG (C/R) 
 FEAT (C/R) 

After noting existing group numbers you may now place any extensions in a new (or as yet none existing) group.

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