Where can I download the BCM CDR & LAN CTE Scripts?

As you maybe aware the launch of Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) has seen the introduction of numerous security enhancements within the operating system. Consequences of these changes have meant that many applications will no longer function with these new default security policies.

Two of the changes have impacted the use of two of the BCM Applications:

  • LAN CTE (TAPI Interface)
  • CDR (Call Detail Recording)

The CDR Stream utilises DCOM, whilst LAN CTE on BCM 3.0 & 3.01 utilised RPC. Changes to Windows XP after installing SP2 have meant that both DCOM and RPC have been blocked by default.

Microsoft detailed how to make changes to un-block and allow these ports on their web site ( www.microsoft.com). Whilst these changes can be implemented manually, Nortel have developed an application that will install scripts to automate this process. These scripts can be used to individually open and close RPC and DCOM ports as required.

The table below details interoperability between XP SP2 and the variants of BCM (Windows XP is only supported from 3.0 onwards).

BCM 3.0 Script Required Script Required
BCM 3.01 Script Required Script Required
BCM 3.5 Script Not Required Script Required
BCM 3.6 Script Not Required Script Required

As shown, on the later versions of BCM, for example BCM 3.5 & 3.6 only the CDR Script will be required.

Microsoft ends its support for Windows XP, find out more.

View the terms & conditions and download the BCM CDR & LAN CTE Scripts >

Installing the Scripts

The Scripts are installed on XP SP2 machines as a standard executable installation. Once installed the scripts will then be loaded onto the machine for the user to then execute as required. During the installation, details of the changes made by running the scripts will be shown, this must be acknowledged and accepted to complete the installation.

Once the installation has completed, the scripts will be located in BCM CDR & LAN CTE Scripts folder from within the Start Menu.

i.e. Start > Programs > Nortel Networks > BCM CDR & LAN CTE Scripts

Within that folder the user will find four scripts:

  • CDR Live Stream Disable
  • CDR Live Stream Enable
  • LAN CTE Disable
  • LAN CTE Enable

Simply clicking on the required script will execute it. A DOS box will appear showing the changes made and instruct that the PC will need a reboot. After enabling the required script, the installation and set-up of either CDR or LAN CTE can continue as normal.

If you wish to Close the ports again and return your PC to its previous state, then clicking on Disable scripts will reverse any changes made, but will then obviously stop either LAN CTE or CDR from working.

View the terms & conditions and download the BCM CDR & LAN CTE Scripts >


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