What is BT Power Save and how do I use it?

BT Power Save is an option on the BT Business Hub 3 that lets you choose a time every day when the wireless signal is switched off to save power. All wireless devices using your network will lose their connections during the times you choose. Any equipment connected by wires to your hub will keep working. The hub will automatically exit BT Power Save mode at the time you set in the Hub Manager.

Auto Power Save - The Hub 3 also promotes energy saving by automatically sending the parts it is not using to sleep. It detects when there is no activity and then reduces the power. As soon as any activity is detected, the hub becomes fully active again.

Turning BT Power Save mode on or off

  1. Open your web browser and type in http://btbusinesshub.home
  2. If this is the first time you've opened the Hub Manager, you'll be asked to change your password now. Please follow instructions on the screen, and then carry on with the steps below.
  3. Click the Configure button next to BT Manual Power Save.
  4. You'll be asked to enter your admin password if you haven't already entered it in step 2.
  5. Click Yes on the Enable BT Manual Power Save. Set the start and end times for when you want the wireless features to be switched off to save power.
  6. To turn it off click No.
  7. Click the Apply button.

Overriding power save mode

When your BT Business Hub 3 is in Power Save mode, your hub's Power light will change to steady orange. All other lights will be switched off.

The hub will automatically exit BT Power Save mode at the time you set in the Hub Manager. However, you can choose to override the BT Power Save mode and reactivate your wireless network by pressing the Restart button on the side of your hub.

If you press the Restart button to turn off BT Power Save, it will remain off until the next activation period.


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