All you need to know about making a claim

Find out all you need to know about making a claim through the Customer Service Compensation Scheme.

I want to make a claim. How can I do this?

To claim compensation using the Customer Service Compensation Scheme, just complete the form at

You'll need your fault reference number and your account number.

Can I make more than one claim on a fault?

You can only make one claim per fault reference number.

Will I be able to claim compensation, if I request a specific appointment date?

We'll always try and meet your requirements, but if your availability causes delays with fixing your fault, you'll no longer be eligible for compensation. So requesting a particular appointment date could affect your ability to make a claim.

You'll find full details in our terms & conditions.

Is there a time limit for claiming compensation?

Yes there is. You'll need to send us your claim within 90 days of the date your fault was closed.

When will I find out if my claim has been successful?

It'll take us approximately 3 working days to review your claim and let you know the outcome.

I've sent through a claim, but haven't heard back. What should I do?

Our customer service compensation team should get back to you within 3 workings days, provided all the information you sent was correct. If you've been waiting longer than this and you haven't been asked for further details, then you'll need to contact us.

Who can I contact about my claim?

Our helpdesk will be happy to help with any queries. Have your fault reference number to hand and contact us on one of these numbers:

  • For communication systems on BT lines call 0800 800 154
  • For communication systems on BT ISDN30 call 0800 679 079

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