My screen says 'No network' - what should I do?

When you get your Nokia Lumia it is already set to 'Automatic'. That means it will automatically scan for your BT Mobile network if, for some reason, you lose network coverage.  

If you lose coverage and want to search for the BT Mobile network yourself, just use the Manual Network Selection feature.

Here's how to do it:

  1. From Start, flick left to the App list
  2. Select Settings
  3. Scroll to Mobile or Mobile Network and select
  4. On this screen you'll see a white box called Network Selection - click in this box
  5. Click Press to select
  6. Your mobile will now start searching for the BT Mobile network - do you see the 'Searching' message on the top left of the screen?
  7. When the search is done, you'll see a list of available networks on the screen. Select and click the one that you want to connect to
  8. The mobile will now register onto your chosen network - you'll see a 'Registering' message on the top left of the screen

Your Lumia is now registered against the network. You can start using it again right away.


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