What is the Paper Bill Fee and how can I avoid it?

We have two types of paper bills: summary bills and itemised bills. There are different charges for each type of bill.

Paper bill charges

A summary bill is just that: a summary showing your total spend for that billing period, plus a VAT breakdown. The fee for a summary bill is £4.

An itemised bill details the rental and one-off items plus any calls made from your BT Business services.
The fee for an itemised bill is £8.

The fees will appear in the 'Other Charges and Credits' section of the bill.

Is the Paper Bill Fee different to the Payment Processing Fee?

Yes, we charge the Payment Processing Fee to customers who don't pay by Direct Debit. So if you continue to have paper bills and don't pay by Direct Debit, you'll see both charges appear on your bill.

How can I avoid the Paper Bill Fee?

By switching to paper-free billing. It's really simple and quick to do!

Just register for an online business ‘My account'.

Once you've done this you can see the full details of bills online, including itemised calls.

How can I reduce the number of Paper Bill Fees I pay?

If you have multiple paper bills and don't want to switch to paper-free billing, you can consolidate the bills into a single BT OneBill.

You'll only pay the Paper Bill Fee once for each BT OneBill, rather than for each individual bill.

Call us on 0845 600 6156. When prompted, say 'Billing' and we'll be happy to arrange consolidation of your bills.

I thought I needed paper bills for the taxman?

Our online bills are HMRC-compliant and accepted by government agencies. You can download and save them to show to HMRC.


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