Known wireless problems on the Hub 3

There are a couple of wireless issues that we know about. See below;

  1. I'm having wireless problems with my IBM Thinkpad laptop on my Hub 3. What can I do?

    A problem has been identified where the laptop shows as connected to the Internet but the wireless signal drops out.

    To fix this simply check that an Intel PRO BG2200 is installed and if so update the driver by visiting the Intel Download Center.

    Not sure which wireless adapter you have?  Visit Intel to automatically identify and find drivers.

  2. I'm having intermittent wireless problems with a Windows Vista PC. What can I do?

    A problem has been identified with DHCP broadcast flags, Windows Vista and certain Routers, which can cause intermittent wi-fi connectivity and a loss of signal.

    Microsoft has issued further information and a fix for Windows Vista users on their knowledge base at

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