All you need to know about the €50 cap on international data roaming

If you're using the internet on your mobile abroad we will apply a monthly €50 cap, unless you have opted out.

This used to apply only to countries in the EU and EEA but, from July 2012, we're extending this to the rest of the world*.

How does it work?

First, you need to opt in. If you don't currently have your data usage capped at €50 but would like to, just call us on one of the numbers below. Then, it's straightforward:

  • We put a cap of €50 on your data use outside the UK (for each mobile you have)
  • We'll tell you when you start roaming, when you reach 80% of the €50 cap, and then if you reach 100% of the cap
  • When you hit €50, you won't be able to use mobile internet (while roaming on that device) until either the start of the next billing month, or you ask us to lift the cap

How will you tell me how much I've spent?

  • If you're a BT Mobile Broadband customer, you'll get a pop-up on your dashboard.
  • You might need to download some software for this. Check out How do I install BT Access Manager? for guidance
  • For everybody else, we'll send you a text
  • If you're somewhere where we can't give real-time updates (so we can't guarantee to keep to the €50 cap), we'll tell you

Who can have the €50 cap?

Almost any business customer. The exception is if you're already on a special tariff for data roaming (for example: BlackBerry tariffs).

How do I opt in or out of having the €50 cap?

Just call the appropriate helpdesk:

Oneplan customers 0800 032 8751
Customers with more than 100 BT Mobile phones 0800 085 8754
All other business customers 0800 678 1030

*In some countries, real-time updates are not available so we won't be able to guarantee that we'll be able to apply the cap. But if you go to one of these places, we'll send you a text to tell you.


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