Why am I getting error code 12046 or 12047 when using BT Access Manager?

If BT Access Manager can't confirm a connection to the internet, you may see the following error codes:-

  • Error 12046 - Failure validating internet connection
  • Error 12047 - A Local connection was established, but no internet connection could be verified

Access to the internet is required by the software to confirm that connections are correctly made and to check for any new announcements, database or software updates.

What you need to do

When installed, BT Access Manager sets up Windows to allow internet access. However, some third party internet security software and personal firewalls can block access from programs including BT Access Manager.

If this happens, you'll have to manually change your security software to allow BT Access Manager access the internet.

In most cases the security software will ask you for permission when BT Access Manager is first used. If asked, you should grant access to each of the following files:-

  • btomo.exe
  • btomosrv.exe
  • btomodds.exe
  • SwiApiMux.exe

If you're not sure how to change your security software settings to allow access, please refer to the manufacturers user guide.

There is no need to disable security software when BT Access Manager is in use.


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