Using an external domain with BT Business

If you've just added an external domain to your BT Business account then you'll need to perform actions with your current domain provider so you can use it with BT Business services.

Using your domain for email:

To use with BT Business email, you'll have to complete a few steps:

  • Activate your email account, find out how.
  • Then we'll send you an email giving you the next steps on how to validate that you own the domain.

Using your domain for hosting:

If you've got a BT Business Hosting package and want to use your external domain as its Primary Domain, you'll need to contact your existing supplier to update the A record to:

You'll already have access to your hosting account through a temporary address.

If you're planning to move your website to BT we recommend copying the content of your existing site or building a new website using tools in the Website Centre before you change your A record. It's simply a case of better safe than sorry.


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