How to use the test socket on your mastersocket

Before you ring us we'd like you to try your test socket.

If you try this it could mean that you solve the problem yourself - saving your time and reducing frustration.

  1. Unplug all telephones, faxes, PCs, modems, extension leads and adaptors, double adaptors from all your telephone sockets. If you have broadband, don't forget to unplug all micro-filters and your ADSL modem/router from the telephone sockets as well.
  2. Locate your main socket, it has a horizontal bar across the front template, like the picture below. It's usually located where the line enters the property:

  3. Carefully unscrew the 2 small screws and the bottom half of the faceplate should slide out. On the right hand side is a test socket. This connects you directly to the telephone line and bypasses any extension wiring you may have.

  4. Plug one of your ADSL filters into the test socket and then plug your router/hub into the filter. Now try connecting to the internet.

    Note: if your main socket does not have a horizontal bar across the front and looks like this or something else:


    Do not unscrew the face plate.

If this fixes your broadband issues, the problem may lie with other equipment or extension wiring you have working on the line and not your broadband connection. If your broadband still isn't working and you have to contact us, please leave your router connected to the test socket as we may ask you to do this when you get in touch.

You can identify, fix, report and track faults online at the Repair Centre.


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