How do I add or edit my system speed calls?

To add or edit system speed calls, follow the steps below:

  1. Login into your system and click on System Administration Tools.
  2. Use the drop down menu and select View Alphabetically.
  3. Once the forms have loaded, scroll down and click the System Speed Calls form.
  4. The form should now load in the right hand window. You can now:

    Edit a current Speed Call:

    1. Search for the Speed Call you would like to edit.
    2. Once you've found it, click on it so that it is highlighted.
    3. Click Change.
    4. A window will open and you can now edit the actual number field.
    5. Once the changes have been made, click Save.

    Add a Speed Call to the System Speed Call list:

    1. Above the right window, click Add.
    2. A window will open and you can now add the details for an outgoing Speed Call to allow you to divert/call fwd your extensions to a mobile or landline number:

      • Speed Call Number - XXX or XXXX (make the number of digits the same as your Extn digit length)
      • Enter the actual number -  (9) or the access code for an outgoing line on your system followed by mobile or landline number e.g. (9) 0778XXXXXXX or (9)011324XXXXX (9 then the full number)
      • Override T/C - Yes
      • Select S/C option

        Speed Call - 450     Act No - 9078xxxxxx     Override - Yes     Select S/c

        This saves having to then change the COS for the phones and trunks with Override to Yes

    Assign an incoming DID call to an extension:

    1. On the same screen as System Speed Call, click on Add.
    2. Enter the following details:

      • Speed Call Number - enter the last 4 - 6 digits of the DID number in the Speed Call number field and in the actual number field enter the Extension number that the incoming DID number is to ring to
      • Enter the actual number - XXX or XXXX (make the number of digits the same as your Extn digit length)
      • Override T/C set this to - No
      • Select S/C
      • Click Save
  5. When complete test your changes by calling the DID number.

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