How do I schedule holidays on my Mitel system?

If your business uses the scheduler to go to day/night service follow the step below :-

  1. Login into your system and navigate to the Scheduler.
  2. Select the day you want to class as a holiday (e.g. 25 December) and then click the Holiday tab underneath the calendar.
  3. You will get a window pop up asking how you want the holiday to be inputted. Select the top option "Select December 25 as a Holiday". You should see the selected box go a darker colour.
  4. Make sure the  Exclude Holidays box is ticked on the events. This can be checked by doing the following steps:

    a. Select the day
    b. Select the event
    c. Click on Edit
    d. Check to see if the Exclude Holidays box is ticked.
  5. If the box is not ticked, you have to go to your Next Pending events for day/night service and tick the box for this feature to work.
  6. If your day/night service schedule is not pending but successful, you will have to go to the next day's pending events to be able to tick the box. If you do it after the next pending events, the calendar will remove events.

    Mitel next pending
  7. Once this programing has been done the system will stay in night service on the selected holidays. The reason why this will work is because the scheduled events on the days selected as holidays will not run. So if the last scheduled event that does run is night service, the system will stay in night service over the day selected as holiday. Once the holiday has passed it will then action the scheduled events as normal.

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