What is Flare and how do I use it?

Avaya Flare Communicator for IP Office is an application that works with the IP Office suite.

By using Flare you'll be able to make and receive voice calls using an iPad, and a laptop or desktop computer running Windows, through the extension number of your desk phone. You'll also have access to the following through a single interface:

  • Email messages
  • Instant messages
  • Call history
  • Contact lists (system and personal contacts)
  • Enterprise contacts search
  • Presence and on-call status

What equipment do I need for Flare?

You'll obviously need to have an IP Office switch. Flare is supported on the following IP Office systems:

  • IP Office Server Edition systems

You'll also need to have a PC or iPad with the following operating systems.

For a PC:

  • Microsoft® Windows® 7 Enterprise Edition
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Edition
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Edition
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition (32-bit) with Service Pack 3 or later

For iPad:

An iPad 2, with operating system iOS 5.0 or later.

How do I configure Flare?

For help setting up Flare please refer to the Flare Communicator Administrators Guide.


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