Setting up BT Business Email Lite on your Nokia Lumia

You can use BT Business Email Lite on your Nokia Lumia. Just follow the steps below:

  1. On your phone click on Settings Nokia Lumia settings icon
  2. Click on email + accounts.
  3. Click add an account.
  4. Select advanced setup.
  5. Enter your Email address and Password and then next.
  6. Select Internet email.
  7. Enter your Incoming Server details:

    Your Name - this is the name that will appear on outgoing emails
    Incoming email server -
    Account type - POP3
    Username - your full email address
    Password - your password 

  8. Now enter your Outgoing (SMTP) Email Server details:

    Outgoing email server -
    Outgoing Server Requires Auth - Tick
    Use the Same username & Password for sending Email - Tick
  9. Press Advanced settings and tick the following:

    Require SSL for incoming email - Tick
    Require SSL for outgoing email - Tick

    Outgoing server details

  10. Click sign in and the process is finished - your emails will start to download to your mobile.

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