Changing your BlackBerry ID or password

To change your BlackBerry ID or password on your BlackBerry Z10 simply follow the steps below;

  1. On the home screen of the Z10, drag down from the top and select Settings BlackBerry settings icon
  2. Scroll down and tap BlackBerry ID.
  3. To change your BlackBerry ID password, select Change Password and follow the instructions.
  4. To change your BlackBerry ID;

    1. Tap Edit.
    2. Type the new email address, which will become your new Blackberry ID Username.
    3. Press and hold the space bar to hide the keyboard.
    4. Tap Submit and continue when prompted.
    5. Enter your current BlackBerry ID password and tap Ok to complete the change.
    6. Tap Ok to return to BlackBerry ID settings.

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