BlackBerry 10 - how to switch devices using a Micro SD Card

If you're switching from a BlackBerry 7 (or later) device to a BlackBerry 10 device you can use a Micro SD Card. You'll need a card with at least 2MB.

To see what version of software you're running, on your previous device's home screen, click Options > About, or click Options >
Device > About Device Versions.

  1. Click on the Setup Wizard icon on the Home screen or in a folder.
  2. Select Device switch. The Blackberry cannot be connected to the PC if you choose the Media card option.
  3. Select Save Data to back up to a SD memory card.
  4. The wizard will take you through the process to back up your data.
  5. Clear the Save emails checkbox as you'll build the email accounts on the new device later.
  6. Select Continue.
  7. Create a password to protect the saved data and then click Save.

    You'll need this password later so ensure you know what it is. It may be advisable to tick the show password box to avoid typing errors.
  8. All data will be backed up and saved to the SD card. You'll get confirmation that the backup has taken place.
  9. When all of your content has been saved to the backup file, remove the media card and insert it into your new BlackBerry 10 device.
  10. When the screen below appears on your BlackBerry 10 device, type in your backup file password and items will begin to transfer to your new device.

    BlackBerry device switch

Email accounts and unsupported applications aren't transferred to your new device. You can set up your email accounts on your new device in the BlackBerry Hub. To download applications that weren't transferred to your new device, visit the BlackBerry World storefront.


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