How do I register for a BT Business 'My account'?

Can I register for ‘My account'?

These are the only services that you can currently register for an online account. If you're trying to register anything but one of these, you won't be able to open an account -

  • Phone line
  • Broadband
  • OneBill (including mobile and private circuits)

How to register for ‘My account'

Setting up an online account is straightforward. You'll need this information:

  • BT account number (where do I find it?)
  • Bill reference (this must be from a bill that is less than nine months old)
  • An email address that is not already registered with

Got it? Great, then you can register now.

Once you're set up, your billing information will be immediately available for you to view. We'll also send you an email to confirm that you have set up your account.


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