How do I register for online billing?

Setting up an online account is easy and only takes a couple of minutes.

You'll need this information to register:

1. BT account number

You'll find your account number on your bill. It's the first two letters and eight numbers. For example: CC4000 3210.

Bill type 1

2. Bill or invoice reference/number

This must be from a bill that is no older than 9 months.

  • Your bill reference starts with 'M', 'Q', 'I' or 'S'.
  • It's 6 or 8 characters long; you need to enter it in full.

We've got a few different bill formats, so your account number and bill reference may look like one of these:

Bill type 1

Bill type 2

Bill type 3

3. An email address that is not already registered with

  • If you've already got an online account for your home phone or broadband, you cannot use the same email address to set up an online account for your business services.
  • We'll use the email address to send you information about your account (bill notifications, usage alerts, and so on)so please make sure it's a working email address that you still use. You'll also use it as part of your sign-in details.

I've got everything I need. How do I register?

Just go to our registration page and follow the simple instructions. You can add up to 10 accounts when you register (you can add more accounts later).


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