Where can I find information on CallPilot Server service pack compatibility and security hotfixes?

This document shows the latest information regarding Microsoft security updates (hotfixes) as they relate to Avaya CallPilot® software releases and their respective Windows Operating Systems. It will be updated as and when Microsoft release the latest security information.

Sometimes Avaya release a Security Product Enhancement Package (SECPEP), which contains all approved hotfixes up to that point and a number of other security related, OS configuration changes. These SECPEP’s are the preferred method of keeping your Call Pilot system secure, however we know that there may be times when the latest available SECPEP is not as current as you would like, but we'll try our best.

If your site is patched with the latest available SECPEP (as detailed in this Security Update guide), then your local IT team can use this document to determine if it is safe to fit a newer hotfix. However, if the latest SECPEP is not installed then you should contact us using the button below to arrange to have this fitted, prior to any hotfixes being installed.

If the hotfix being investigated is not detailed in this Security Update guide, for example, Microsoft released it between updates to this document, then you should not install it on the Call Pilot server. The Avaya Inc spreadsheet below shows the Microsoft Service Pack compatibility and the security hotfixes applicable to the Avaya Contact Center products. It also details any dependencies on patches or Service Updates.

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