I have BT Business Broadband and want BT Sport for my personal use. How do I get it?

BT Sport is only free for our residential broadband customers.

If you’re a BT Business Broadband customer and you want BT Sport for your personal use at home (rather than wanting to show it to your customers in a pub, club, or other commercial premises), you'll need a Sky box with an active Sky viewing card.

You can take a look at prices on the BT Sport website.

However,if you have Sky TV, and are ready to order, then just follow these steps:

  • Go to BT.com/sport and select "Add BT Sport on Sky".
  • Fill out the details as required
  • Note: Already have BT broadband? is asking about residential broadband, so if you have BT Business broadband, this does not apply.

We know: this seems a bit odd. Sorry. BT Sport is only free to our residential broadband customers rather than our business customers, so the question is really asking ‘Are you a BT residential customer?’.

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