Why do BT Business customers have to pay for BT Sport?

BT Sport is only free for our residential broadband customers. (You can take a look at the prices on the BT Sport website).

Here in BT Business, we’re all about making technology work for you. So we concentrate on developing and delivering great products, services, and deals that help you run your business, grow your business, and maximise the profits of your business.

Although we have some great deals for business customers who want to show BT Sport to their customers, we appreciate that there’ll be some business customers who just want to watch it themselves (in a home office, for example).

If you're a BT Business Broadband customer and you want BT Sport for your personal use at home (rather than wanting to show it to your customers in a pub, club, or other commercial premises), you'll need a Sky box with an active Sky viewing card. If you have Sky TV, and are ready to place an order then just follow these steps:

  • Go to BT.com/sport and select "Add BT Sport on Sky".
  • Fill out the details as required
  • Note: Already have BT broadband? is asking about residential broadband, so if you have BT Business broadband, this does not apply.

We know: this seems a bit odd. Sorry. BT Sport is only free to our residential broadband customers rather than our business customers, so the question is really asking ‘Are you a BT residential customer?’.

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