What is BT Mobile Tracker and how can I get it?

Mobile Tracker takes the idea of BT Analyst Alert and goes a stage further. It gives you a clear view and complete control of the way people are using their mobile phones in your organisation and how much this is costing.

An early warning system for your mobiles
By tracking usage and alerting both you and the phone users when they hit the thresholds set by you for them, you avoid any nasty surprises when the bill arrives. Working in tandem with Analyst Alert this information will help you:

  • Reduce costs: by monitoring expenditures and sending SMS alerts to each user's mobile when they approach their call cost threshold.
  • Increase visibility: tracking call patterns through email updates instead of having to wait until the end of the billing period.
  • Identify fraud or misuse: spot unusual call patterns more easily and look into them more quickly.

You need a BT Analyst Alert account to use BT Mobile Tracker


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