What are the benefits of BT Autobalance?

Save money

  • Not only can you recover personal costs from your employees, you can also do it with very little effort and expense (because you don't have to do any of that laborious work identifying calls and manually calculating liabilities).
  • You save money, for sure. But so can your employees as they can make personal calls at low business rates.


  • The online dashboard you get with BT Autobalance gives you a clear, accurate, and timely overview of your organisation’s mobile calls bill.  You'll be able to see –
    • Cost summary: including total cost of calls, recurring and non-recurring costs, VAT costs, total number and duration of calls made, as well as the number of phones contained in the bill.
    • Trend analysis: see your mobile spend as a graph.
    • Watch-points: you can monitor specific phones and numbers (and compare costs with previous bills).

Accurate VAT recovery

  • HMRC have strict rules around not claiming VAT back on personal calls made from business mobiles (penalties for breaking the rules can extend to a £1 million fine – ouch).
  • Because BT Autobalance is completely accurate, you can be confident that your VAT claims are within the rules.


  • If employees can use their business mobiles for personal calls, safe in the knowledge that you ’re not just happy with it, you ’re giving them lower call charges than if they were using their own phones, then they only need to carry one phone around with them.

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