How to transfer or back up your contacts to a SIM or SD Card on a Galaxy S3

You can transfer or back up your contacts to either a SIM card or a SD card (or vice versa). Simply follow the steps below:

  1. From the front screen select Contacts.
  2. Press the Menu key (bottom left of phone).
  3. Select Import/Export.
  4. To export choose either:

    Export to SIM card and select all or tick individual contacts to be saved
    Export to USB storage, to copy your contacts to the SD card. Make a note of the file name
  5. To import, simply choose the relevant import option and follow the steps.
  6. Select OK to continue.


  • Export to SIM card will only back up mobile numbers. It will not back up email addresses or other details.
  • If contacts already exist on the SIM then Export to SIM card does not show.

To do a full back up see How to back up or sync your phone using Samsung Kies.


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