How do I lock the BT Mobile Hotspot signal to 3G or 2G?

By default, the hotspot is set to AUTO mode, to ensure the best connection.

However, in areas where there is poor 3G reception it may be worth trying to stabilise the connection by locking it to 2G.

To change your settings:

  1. Turn on the BT Mobile Hotspot and connect your PC via wi-fi.
  2. In the web browser address bar, like Internet Explorer, type in
  3. Enter the password. The default password is admin (all lower case). This takes you to the BT Mobile Hotspot admin console.
  4. Select 3G Settings from the side menu.
  5. Select Disconnect.
  6. Select Manual. The hotspot will search for networks, it could take 2 -3 mins.
  7. From the list, select the 2G or 3G network you want to use i.e.

    Available BT Mobile xxxxx 2G
    Available BT Mobile xxxxx 3G
  8. Select Apply.

Note: 2G speeds will be fine for email (depending on the number of users), but may result in slow web page delivery or if the signal is very poor, unable to connect warnings.


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