How do I connect my Galaxy S4 or S3 to the internet?

Before your S4 or S3 can connect to the internet, you need to create what's known as an Access Point Name or APN. We pre-populate the BT Mobile APN details so you shouldn't need to do anything once you've inserted your SIM card.

However, if you do have problems, here's how to set up your mobile to connect to the internet. Don't worry; it's easy to do:

  1. From the Home screen tap the Apps menu item
  2. Scroll Left and then tap the Settings menu item
  3. Tap the More settings menu item
  4. Tap the Mobile networks menu item, make sure Mobile data is ticked
  5. Tap the Access Point Names menu item
  6. Tap the Access point you would like to check or tap the Menu button to select + New APN
  7. Enter the following information in the fields on the APN settings screen:

    Username:  bt
    Password:  bt
    Proxy server URL:
    Proxy port:  9201
  8. Press the Menu button and then Save
  9. Select the new APN by tapping it - the green light should be next to it

Your mobile is now connected to the internet.


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