My website is not increasing in ranking, what can I do?

This answer is relevant if your website has been designed and built by BT. View FAQs for Web Hosting if you built your website. If you're not sure which website package you have, please read How to get support for your website.

During our website reviews with you, we will guide you on the activities you need to carry out on a regular basis to maintain or increase your search engine ranking.

Your website will rank differently for each keyword that your visitors use. One of the main reasons for not increasing your ranking is due to a keyword being very competitive. For example, if you have a website selling gold watches, there will inevitably be lots of other companies around the UK and globally competing to appear in the top 10 ranking for the keyword 'gold watches'. Unless you have a large budget to spend on getting your website ranked for a competitive keyword, it’s sensible to target a less competitive keyword such as 'gold watches in Kent'.

By focusing on this keyword you can use this phrase in your content and the title of your webpage and also request other websites to link to you that are relevant to this keyword such as 'Kent Local Shopping Directory'.


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