What's the service level for public payphones?

Service status on BT Public Street Payphones 23rd June 2017

All BT Public Street Payphones BT Public Street Payphones where there is customer demand or a social need 1
BT Public Street Payphones in the UK 40,256 BT Public Street Payphones in the UK 20,173
Equipped with voice amplification 97% Equipped with voice amplification 99%
You can use coins to make a call 79% You can use coins to make a call 91%
Our performance 66% Our performance 84%
How we measure our performance-
This is the % of Public Street Payphones able to make a chargeable call and excludes 6,961 other payphones BT provides that are available at locations off the street e.g. at stations and airports.
Payphones adopted by local councils and charities for local communities 4,363


Note 1
BT is running an ongoing programme to remove public payphones that do not show any need to be kept and we already are, or will be, consulting with Local Authorities for their removal. This programme will help us to continue to provide payphones with customer demand, as well as those that we believe are located where there is a social need for their retention (as explained below). Social need criteria is made up of either an overriding criteria or reasonable need (as shown in the diagram below). The Customer Demand and Social Need report above is a measure of the level of service at over 20,000 public payphones meeting these definitions.

To find out more about our programme go to www.bt.com/payphones/removals


Overriding criteria- Suicide hotspot, Accident blackspot, No mibile coverage, Coastal. Reasonable need - Proximity: Only payphone within 800m. Population: 500 households within 1km. Usage: 12 calls within 12 months.


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