We offer several website products so the support and advice we offer will differ depending on which product you have. Click on a product below to find out more.

The various website products we currently offer are:

  1. Web Hosting - a ‘Do it yourself’ product that enables you to easily create your website yourself. Web hosting packages include: Web Hosting Lite. Starter Web Hosting and Advanced Web Hosting.
  2. Managed websites – a selection of website packages where BT design and build your website and proactively manage the website on your behalf.
  3. Advanced or other managed websites – more complex websites designed and built by BT and 'tailor-made' to meet the needs of your business. You'll also find information on website packages that are no longer offered for sale by BT but are still supported. These include, but are not limited to:  Customer Street & Ufindus websites,  Web services Basic & Standard, Online Start Kit, BT Consult & build.
  4. Online shop websites – websites built and managed by BT which include online shopping functionality.

If you're having problems with your website just click the contact us button on this page. For managing sites created by BT Websites/Customerstreet call us on 0800 800 891 or simply email us.


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