This answer is relevant if your website has been designed and built by BT. View FAQs for Web Hosting if you built your website. If you're not sure which website package you have, please read How to get support for your website.

You can keep your existing domain name with Smart Hosting. When you buy a new website from BT, you must make changes to your existing domain name (website URL/address). You can either keep your existing domain name using Smart Hosting or choose a new domain name.

Smart Hosting

A domain name is your website address. When you change your website, you must 'repoint' the existing domain name to go to the new site. If you don't then no one will be able to see it.

Benefits of Smart Hosting

  • Simple process
  • No need to create a new website address
  • Customers who have bookmarked you, will still find you
  • Stationery, marketing materials, business cards and more stay the same
  • Google page ranking benefits

Changes you need from your domain name provider

It's easy to make changes to your domain name. To do this, contact the company that currently hosts your domain name and ask them to our DNS A record to

You also want to change the records to allow users to find your website without entering 'www'.

To find your domain name host, there are a number of online 'WHOIS' resources to help. Just visit one of these sites and enter your website address:

You must keep paying your current domain name provider

When you registered your domain name (website address), you'll have agreed to pay a fee monthly or annually, or purchased the name outright.

If you have an agreement to pay for the domain name monthly or annually you MUST keep paying this. If you don't, then no one will be able to see your new website.


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