Register your domain for smart hosting

To use externally hosted domains with BT services, you must own the domain or have access to modify the DNS configuration for the domain within the Control Panel of your Hosts.

To register your domain for smart hosting, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Manage services using your username e.g. and your password.
  2. Within Domains, click on Use an externally hosted domain with BT Email or Web hosting.

    Alternatively, scroll down to Manage services and click Manage domains. Then scroll down to Domains and click Use an externally hosted domain with BT Email or Web hosting.
  3. Insert your domain and click Apply or Continue.
  4. Check your email account for an email from us; the email is sent to the primary email address so it's important this is correct as this will confirm your domain registration.
  5. Follow the instructions in the email and create your first email user using your domain - which will appear in the dropdown. Please be sure to select the correct licence when requested. This can be either Lite or Small Business/Premium. If you're not sure, contact us before creating addresses.

    When you've completed this and we've received your request, you'll receive further instructions via email (again to the registered email we have).
  6. Before you're able to create any further email addresses, you'll have to follow the instructions in the email to set the MX or TXT record on your host site control panel with a unique invalid record similar to the example below;

    MX record format: priority 50
    TXT record format: MS=ms12345678 priority 50

    It's also advisable when setting up changes on the MX Records for Exchange records, that within your Host records you include autodiscover - CNAME

    You'll need to set up these records to help us confirm ownership and activate the domain. After this is verified you'll get your last email to add the Microsoft identifier. For example;

    @ priority 1
    @ priority 1
  7. When activation is complete, sign back in to Manage services. The email account displays "Requires domain verification".
  8. Highlight the account that requires verification and select "Verify your domain to work with Microsoft Office 365". Once the domain is fully validated you can create further mailboxes.

    After changing the MX record, your incoming mail will be delivered to your BT provided mailboxes, so remember to update any email clients you use with the correct server details.

Mailbox activation will normally happen within 20 minutes but may take up to 48 hours. Your email will be delivered to your new BT mailboxes only when all these tasks have been completed.


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