My order reference or postcode is not recognised

If you're receiving errors whilst using our order tracker, look at our example references below.

The safest way to enter it is to copy and paste it from your order confirmation email. It should look like one of these:

VOL012-12345678910 or BTT12345

In both of these, the first three characters are letters (so use an 'oh' not a 'zero' in 'VOL' and so on); the best thing to do for these two formats is just copy and paste the reference directly from your email.


If your order reference looks like BOS000000012345678 or BOS12345678D0, we just need the 'BOS' bit and the numbers (so in this example ignore all the '0000's and any letters at the end and just enter BOS12345678), remove any spaces too.


If it looks like CSSABC123AB, ignore the 'CSS' bit, (so you would enter, for example, ABC123AB).

Having problems with the postcode? make sure it's the one for your billing, installation or delivery address ( where you’ve ordered equipment) and that you enter in the correct format, for example, PO1 3AX.

You may also find Where can I find my order reference number? useful.


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