Tips on speeding up your computer or device

If your computer or device is running slowly you won't be able to make full use of your broadband and the other services we offer. Due to the wide range of computers and devices in use we can't provide tips for them all but we'll cover some of the major ones below.

You should also consider replacing the computer or device if it's over 5 years old.


  • If you're using a computer running Microsoft Windows you'll find some good tips on Microsoft's website. Currently they're specific to Microsoft Windows 7 but should work for other versions as well.
  • For Apple's OSX many of the same tips apply. Remove programs you don't need, close programs you're not using and keep roughly 10% of your hard drive free. On many Macs you can also install extra RAM memory which can help if you need to run a lot of programs at once.

Devices such as smart phones & tablets

  • Reboot your device occasionally. They don't need shut down as often as computers but it's worth doing once in a while.
  • As with your computer keep some storage space free, the 10% rule or 1Gb is usually a good rule of thumb.
  • Shut down apps when you're not using them. Most devices keep apps open even when you navigate away from them so you'll likely have more apps open than you think.
  • Disable some of the flashy graphics. Your device may be able to have animated backgrounds but they'll slow your phone and drain your battery faster.
  • If you're feeling brave there's a whole host of other options you can do such as clearing the app cache.

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