Managing your BT Business Mobile calls

Most mobiles come with menu commands to help you manage calls, such as call waiting and the ability to forward your calls to another phone. Here are some features which are available on BT Business Mobile.

How do I stop a person I'm calling from seeing my mobile number?

  • Call 141 and then the number you are calling
  • This only works in the UK.
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How do I activate or cancel call waiting?

Call waiting lets you know someone else is calling you while you're on another call with a soft beeping noise.

  • Call *43# To activate call waiting
  • Call #43# To cancel call waiting.
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How can I forward my calls to another number?

You can send calls to another number, if you don't want to be disturbed or you prefer to take a call on another line. To make use of this functionality simply enter the relevant code from the table below and press call.

Or, see How do I choose which calls go to voicemail?.

Forwarding calls to another number Activate Activation example Deactivate
Forward if busy **67*no. you want to forward to# **67*+447953222222# ##67#
Forward if unanswered **61*no. you want to forward to# **61*+447953222222# ##61#

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Can I change the time it takes before my calls are forwarded if unanswered?

Yes. You can change the time it takes before your calls are forwarded if unanswered to a maximum of 30 seconds, in denominations of 5 seconds.
Simply call **61* [number. you want to forward to] *11* [number of seconds]#
eg **61*18056377249*11*5# for 5 seconds.

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What is Voicemail Call Return?

Voicemail Call Return is a service available within Voicemail that allows you to quickly return the call after a message has been left by pressing the # key.

If the number has been captured then the Voicemail service will offer you the option to 'press hash to return the call'.

How does it work?

  • As long as your voicemail captured the caller's phone number, you'll be able to use Call Return by pressing # on your phone.
  • When you listen to your voicemail menu to pick up your messages, it'll give you the option to use Call Return.
  • If the caller withheld their number or they were calling from a number that cannot be ‘Call Returned', then Call Return won't be available.

How much will it cost?

Calls made using Voicemail Call Return will be charged as a normal call within your inclusive minutes. The charge will come from any allowances if it’s included within your price plan.

Voicemail Call Return calls will also appear on your bill as Voicemail Call Return.


Voicemail Call Return will only work if the incoming number has been captured.

If you experience any problems with not being offered the Voicemail Call Return service then the caller may have withheld their number or are calling from a number that cannot be 'Call Returned'. Call Return is only available if you hear the option at the end of the message.

Hash can be pressed at any point whilst listening to your messages in the options menu after the message. If you press # during the message and the option isn’t available, then it will just be ignored.

Voicemail Call Return will work for international and premium numbers, if they are not barred or part of you price plan/features.


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