I cannot access my website via FTP

Usually, very little can go wrong with FTP, so the chances are that you should be able to get connected by working through the below steps:

  1. First verify you're using the correct FTP details. See our What is FTP and what are my settings guide to confirm what they are.
  2. Reset your FTP password.
  3. FTP won't work in most modern browsers, make sure you're using an FTP client or a program like Adobe Dreamweaver or Microsoft Publisher which have FTP clients built in.
  4. Try a web based FTP utility such as Net2FTP as your FTP client might be faulty.
  5. If you've got FrontPage extensions installed, FTP won't work.
  6. Try using (or as the FTP location. If this works please contact us as you may have a minor issue with your domain name and we'll need to fix.

If none of the above steps fix your issue you'll need to contact us.


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