What is the broadband usage checker?

The broadband usage checker is available online from the 'Manage services' area of My BT business account.

What does this mean for you?

If you have any of our broadband services:

  • you can see online how much you've been using your broadband in the current month and how you can manage it;
  • you'll be able to see what broadband product(s) you have and your monthly allowance, if any;
  • are able to see your upload and download amounts;
  • you'll no longer need to contact us to find out how much of your monthly allowance you have left.

If you have one of our products with a monthly allowance, we've added a handy chart so you can see at a glance, how much you've used and whether you've gone over your allowance.

And there's more...

  • As well as showing the usage allowance and how much has been used, the checker will show you how many days are left in the current period.
  • An alert box, will tell you if:

    • you're within your monthly allowance
    • you are expected to go over your allowance, based on current usage levels
    • or whether you've gone over your allowance
  • Gives you information on excess usage charges and where you can find more details and also provides help managing your usage.

Where can you find the usage monitor?

Easy - just take a look at How can I check my broadband usage?

Need help at home? see Using the broadband data usage monitor.


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