How to connect your BT Business Hub 5

Do you need to connect it yourself?

If you've got an appointment for an engineer to come out and install your fibre, you don't need to install the Hub 5 yourself. The engineer will do it for you. We'll send the hub to you a day or so before your engineer appointment.


How to connect the Hub 5 with a double socket

  1. If you've got a double socket like one of these, connect the broadband cable (grey plug at each end) straight into the BT main socket

     Double sockets

  2. Plug the other end into the Broadband DSL socket on the back of the hub

    Connecting Business Hub 5 to new double socket

How to connect the Hub 5 with a standard socket

  1. If you have a standard single socket, you'll need to use one of the filters that you'll find in the Hub 5 box
  2. Connect one end of the broadband cable (grey plug at each end) to a filter
  3. Connect the filter to the BT main phone socket
  4. Connect the other end of the cable to the port or socket on the hub labelled DSL
  5. Plug your phone into the other socket on the filter
    Connecting your Business Hub to a standard socket
  6. Plug your Hub 5 into the power socket and turn it on (the on/off button is on the back of the hub)
  7. If you want, you can connect a computer directly to the yellow sockets on the back of the Hub 5 using the Ethernet cable that came with it (it’s the one with yellow ends)



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