How can I use Call Director to make sure I never miss a call?

Call Director lets you make and receive calls on your Cloud Voice number on any device (you might hear this called fixed-mobile convergence or FMC). You can set up additional numbers (like your mobile number, for instance) that act as an extension to your Cloud Voice number and will ring alongside your Cloud Voice number when you get a call. We call these numbers ‘Call Director Locations’.

How does it work?

Your administrator creates a Call Director Portal, decides who can use the portal, and allocates a ‘Directory Number’ to it. The ‘Directory Number’ is the number that you dial to access the Call Director Portal to make outgoing calls from your Call Director Locations (your mobile, for example).

Not only can  you make calls from any of your Call Director Locations (and present your business number to anyone you call), you can also  to move any call made or received to any of your Locations – for example you may have received a call on your mobile device and now wish to move that call to your desk phone.

How do I set it up?

  1. Login to the BT Cloud Voice portal
  2. Select ‘Sites’ menu
  3. From the ‘Employee’ list select who you want to activate ‘Call Director’ for
  4. Select ’Features’ from the menu on the left hand side
  5. Select ‘Call Director’

    Setting up Call Director
  6. Enter the Call Director Location in full (including the dialling code) and if you want, add a description for the location (eg ‘My mobile’)
  7. Click ‘+Add’ to add a new Call Director Location.

    You can add multiple Locations and you can configure each one individually. For example you may only want a particular Location to be active at certain times, or you may want to temporarily disable a Location – you can change these settings as required.
  8. Tick ‘Require Answer Confirmation’ if you want any incoming calls received by any of your Locations to confirm that you want to take the call by asking you to press another key.
  9. Click ‘Save’ or ‘Save & Add More Details’.

    Setting up Call Director

How do I make a call using the Call Director portal?

  • Dial the Call Director portal from one of your Call Director Locations.
  • The Call Director portal will prompt you for a passcode – this passcode will be the same one that you use for the Voice portal [to access your voicemail]. If you don't know your passcode then your administrator will be able to help.
  • Once you've entered the passcode, you'll be prompted to enter the number that you want to call. Enter the number and off you go …

How do I move a call to one of my Locations?

Let’s say you’re talking to someone on your desk phone but you need to be on your mobile as you’re late for an appointment. As long as you've already set up your mobile as a Call Director Location, you’re in business –

  1. Dial the Call Director portal from your mobile
  2. Dial the Feature Access Code *11
  3. The person you were speaking to on your desk phone will now be on your mobile, and your desk phone will disconnect.

How does Call Director work with the other features of my Cloud Voice service?

Feature Impact
Call Forwarding Always Call Forwarding Always takes precedence over Call Director. 
If you activate ‘Call Forwarding Always’ none of your call director locations will be alerted to an incoming call.
Call Forwarding Busy Call Forwarding Busy takes precedence over Call Director. 
If you activate ‘Call Forwarding Busy’ none of your call director locations will be alerted to an incoming call.
Call Forwarding No Answer Call Forwarding No Answer will take precedence over Call Director if the number of rings for is set to ‘0’.  Otherwise, the first feature to answer gets the call.
Call Forwarding Not Reachable Call Director takes precedence over Call Forwarding Not Reachable.
Call Forwarding Not Reachable is applied to a call only if all Call Director locations are unreachable.
Hunt Groups The Call Director feature will send calls from a Hunt Group to your Call Director locations.


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