What are the rules around passcodes on the Voice Portal?

The 'Voice portal', which shouldn't be confused with the main BT Cloud Voice portal, has the following rules related to passcodes.

  • Must be 4-6 digits in length
  • Weak passcodes are not allowed:
    • Repeated digits (for example: 11111 or 22222)
    • Sequential digits, either ascending or descending (for example: 1234, 4321)
    • Repeated sequences, either ascending or descending (for example: 234234 or 432432)
    • Your own extension number
    • Your own extension number reversed
    • You can't use the same passcode (or reversal of it) twice
  • Change your passcode every 60 days (you'll hear a voice prompt when it’s expired)
  • The Voice portal will lock you out after 5 unsuccessful login attempts in a row. When locked out, your Voice portal account must be reset by the administrator.


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