How do I configure voice messaging on my Site?

Your administrator will need to assign a public number (a DDI or Direct Dial Incoming) to the Voice portal to activate it. If you don't assign a number to the portal, it won't work!

  1. Login to the BT Cloud Voice portal
  2. Select ‘Site’ menu
  3. Select ’Dashboard
  4. Select ‘Feature Summary’
  5. Select ‘Voice Portal’
  6. Click the ‘Configure’ button
  7. Check the ‘Turn on Voice Portal’ check box
  8. Enter a name for the Voice portal
  9. Select a DDI from the ‘Directory Number’ dropdown
  10. Enter an extension number
  11. Enter and confirm a password
  12. Ensure the time zone is BST/GMT (not GMT)                   
  13. Click ‘Save
  14. Done – it's ready to use!

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