What is my 'Statement of Account'?

Your 'Statement of Account' works like your bank statement. It shows the incomings and outgoings on your BT account. Just like your bank statement, the current balance shows in the top right hand corner.

The debit is what you owe us (your bill) and the credit is what you've paid us.

Below are the common entries you may see appearing on your statement of account and what you may know them as:

Debits (Charges you owe)

Invoice debit = Invoice
Periodic = Either a monthly or quarterly invoice
Billed debit = Invoice
Invoice due = Invoice that is due for payment
Revised invoice = Invoice that has been amended since it was first sent
Interim = A bill you will receive in-between your normal bills (you may have bought something in-between)
Direct Debit bill = A bill paid by Direct Debit

Credits (Money/credits applied to your account)

Manual payment = Cheque/cash payment you have made
Unapplied payment = A payment you have made that hasn't been allocated to an invoice yet
VAT credit note = Credit note that you will need for your VAT return
Receipts collected out of district = Payment that you have made
MPP payments = Payments made by your through your Monthly Payment Plan (Direct Debit)
Internal transfers = Money moved from one of your accounts to another


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