How do I reset my BT Cloud Voice Call Minder (voicemail) PIN

You'll need a PIN so you can access your messages from phones other than your own. Choose a remote access pin that's easy for you to remember. Just dial 1571 and follow the simple instructions to set/change your PIN.

If you hear an error message when dialling 1571, you will need to access your voicemails on the BT Cloud Voice Portal. You need a Voice Portal PIN to do this, and as a security measure, you need to re-set your PIN again when you next log into the Voice Portal.

  1. Login to the BT Cloud Voice Portal
  2. Select Employees
  3. Select Service Settings
  4. Select Service Passwords
  5. From Passwords to Change, select the Application drop down and select Voicemail Portal PIN
  6. Enter your new PIN number
  7. Click Change Password

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