How to remove and replace the SIM card in an iPhone 6

Before starting, make sure you have a SIM removal tool and the new SIM card you wish to insert. It is advisable to power off the handset before removing or inserting a SIM card.

Removing the SIM card:

  1. Look on the right-hand edge of the iPhone, below the power button. You should see the outline of the SIM tray, with a pinhole at the bottom end.
  2. Insert the pin on the SIM removal tool into the hole and press it in against a spring until the SIM tray releases.
  3. Pull the SIM card tray out of the handset.
  4. Remove the SIM from the SIM tray.

Inserting the SIM card:

If the SIM card tray is still in the iPhone, remove as explained in steps 1-4 above.

  1. Place the SIM you want to use into the tray ensuring the gold contacts are facing down. One corner of the SIM is cut off to ensure correct alignment.
  2. Re-insert the SIM tray into the handset, ensuring that the hole in the edge of the SIM card tray is towards the bottom of the handset
  3. Push the tray back in until it is fully inserted, and flush with the edge of the handset.
  4. Turn your iPhone on using the power button. If your phone was already turned on when you inserted the new SIM card, and it hasn't been detected, then turn the iPhone off and on using the power button, then check again.

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