How do I get started with BT One Phone?

Getting started with BT One Phone couldn't be easier. Just put your BT One Phone SIM card into your phone and switch it on.

You're ready to make and receive calls.

Your SIM will not have an active SIM PIN when you first receive it. If you want to set one up to protect your SIM from misuse, your device user guide will tell you how - it'll only take a minute. You'll need to know the default PIN, which is 0000. You can change it to something more memorable by following the instructions. Keep a record of your PIN in a safe place.

If you receive a text prompting you to download the BT Wi-fi app click on the link to download it. You'll receive a second text with your secure login details for the app, which are saved automatically in your phone.

To move contacts from another phone to your BT One Phone you should consult your device user guide.


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